One of my dream in life is to be able to go to Charing Cross.

My father always told me about the beauty of the area, he shared lots of it every time we got a chance to talk. Since then, I wanted to go to Charing Cross and experience what my father has told me about.

I am so excited to go to Charing Cross now, my dad already books me a flight, and we will see each other back. My mom had not come with me because she has lots of things to do. I can’t imagine that my dreams in life are finally getting real. The day has arrived, it was September first, my flight. I am so excited yet a little worried; mom was the only one left in the house. But she insisted me to enjoy my vacation, and do not think about her. I am so nervous about what to do first when I come to Charing Cross. I already searched lots of places to go and have fun. After so many hours, I finally arrived in Charing Cross. Dad fetched me in the airport and give him a tight hug. We miss each other so much, almost a year since he went back home.

On my second day of vacation, I go to lots of places; people are so approachable and fun to talk. I observed that there are lots of beautiful blond ladies in the city. But for now, I just wanted to enjoy myself and relax after I indulge myself to work. After this vacation, I told my dad that I am planning to work here too. But still go back to New York to prepare my documents. I also wish to find my great love here soon.

I enjoy my stay here in Charing Cross. The place offers lots of fun, beautiful places, delicious foods, nice people, etc. I am so in love with the place that when I get back home, surely all of this I will miss. After my two months’ vacation in Charing Cross, I have to say goodbye for now to dad to get my documents for the work.

We went to Charing Cross and started to apply for work. After three months of searching, I finally have my first job. Some of my co-workers told me about the Charing Cross escorts since I said to them that I wanted to experience with a beautiful blonde girl. I book a Charing Cross Escorts from as my friends suggested it to me, I met Layla. Layla is a lovely blonde girl; I am so amazed by her aura and how lovely she is as a person. Our date went well so much; she is very approachable, has a sense of humor and worth the penny. I realized that Charing Cross Escorts is a relief of my stress at work. It is fun to be with them and becomes my constant stress reliever. I keep booking Charing Cross escorts, which is in my second book I met Tina. Just like Layla, Tina is also a beautiful blonde girl. Because of my constant encounters like Layla and Tina, I come to the idea that Charing Cross is a city with beautiful blond girls like Layla and Tina from the best Charing Cross escorts.

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