Marry a London escort and you will be happy

There are many reasons why having a London escort is happiness. A lot of people know how a London escort is really a great woman. Aside that they are beautiful outside, you will be surprised to know that they are very kind and down to earth people. That is why I love a London escort and several times I book them. But there is this one London escort who makes my heart happy. A London escort who is always there to guide and support me all the way. I cannot stop myself from liking a London escort; she means the world to me. The moment I met her I already have feelings for her, but I just ignore it since I am still moving on from my ex. Angelina is a beautiful woman, she is the one who I always book every time I went to London. London becomes my vacation place; I like the calm and peaceful surrounding. I also love that London escort exists; I have someone to accompany me strolling around. This London escorts are really awesome, they are very accommodating to their clients. In the year 2014, this new London escorts came. Her beauty captured my heart. She outshines everyone that is why very timely when I was in London I book this London escort name Angelina. She is shy at first, but along the way we are comfortable talking to each other. Angelina shares to me how much she wishes to become a London escort. She loves the work and the people she encountered. London escorts shares to me that even when she was young, she wanted to become a London escort, but her mother wants first to finish her studies before she can be a London escort. I love her passion to her work. In fact she is very funny companion; she makes me laugh all the time, doing this crazy stuff not to be boring. And since London escorts are very open to her life, I also shared my life too. I told her that many times I book a London escort when I was broken hearted. She laugh at me about it, and says that she has no boyfriend ever since because she hates pain caused by a lover. We have a great night together. Since then, Angelina is the only London escort I book every time I am in London. One time, our company held a biggest party in London that is why I called her to be my muse that day. She said yes, and I am so excited to see her. I am very nervous because that is also the time I wanted to confess my feelings. She arrived at the party looking pretty and graciously. I danced with her, and have a drink after. I have told her my feelings, good thing we are the same feelings for each other. I am happy that for five years in a relationship, we still feel the same like the old times. And now, as a husband of a London escort, she still makes me happy like good old times.


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