Many of the girls I work with here at London escorts like to increase their sex appeal


But they are worried it is going to cost them a small fortune. You don’t really need to spend a fortune to increase your sex appeal, and it is surprising to increase your sex appeal. Sometimes I think that we worry about our sex appeal a bit too much. What is sexy to one gent, may not be sexy to another, so you need to be careful when you consider increasing your sex appeal.

One of the best ways to increase your sex appeal without spending a fortune, is to change your make up. I have noticed that many girls at London escorts insist on wearing the same make up year in and year out. It does not really work, and I would recommend changing your look a couple of times per year. Not only does it help when you refresh your images on the escort agency website, it help you to feel better at the same time as well. I change my look when it comes to make up a couple of times per year.

What about your shoes? Please don’t keep wearing the same shoes or stilettos all of the time, it gets boring really quickly. I do buy new shoes rather a lot, but that does not mean that I spend a small fortune on shoes. I find it funny that so many girls at London escorts services don’t use charity shops. They are great for finding new shoes, and some unusual designs as well. Last week, I bought a new pair of shoes and only spent about a tenner. They look like new and I find them to be very sexy indeed.

If you do not only date on an outcall basis, you may want to check out the interior of your boudoir. I don’t redecorate completely very often, instead I change little things like new cushions. If you do work from a boudoir which some of the girls here at London escorts do, you will find that your boudoir is part of your sex appeal. I am sure that a lot of girls don’t change the little things about them, but I love having a bit of a “redec” as I call it, to make my place look sexier.

Finally, how is your cleavage doing? I know that cleavage fashion is not really in this year, but I do wish that more girls would focus on their cleavage. I love the sexy cleavage look and as I have a nice cleavage, I like to make the most of it. Some London escorts seem to forget about their cleavage and don’t look after it enough. There is nothing as attractive as a nice cleavage to most gents, and I do think that girls should try to show off their cleavage a little bit more. What is so wrong with showing your guy that you are ALL woman? Nothing at all I think.

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