Hated my life so much until a Wembley escort gave inspiration to my life

We cannot control our lives, if we have to experience difficulties, then we could. But we can always change our fate; we can do it we have the determination and hard work. We cannot stop problems in ruining our lives, they are part of us, and we can only do about it is to fight and face it. Many people are just good at comparing lives; they are good to see the mistake of other people than seeing their mistakes. Most of them have problems in life they cannot solve but waste their time watching other lives. While you are busy looking after them, they are also busy making they’re successful. I am just tired with my life so much, tired of all people who keep dragging me down no matter how much I want to change and become better. Many people always saw the mistake in me rather than appreciating my improvement. There are times I want to hang on myself to end my life and make those people happy. But I realize I have already failed on myself and giving them the chance to make me feel a loser is my choice.

My life is difficult, and I am poor. My name is Kyle Smith, lived in Chicago for twenty-eight years. According to the person who adopted me, my mother gave birth to me and sold me to them. Since they got no child and a stranger impregnates my mother in a club. When I was a kid, I thought the family I have is my own family, many people bullied me and told me “child from the dump.” I get hurt, but my mom always said to me that I have to ignore it since it is no true. I have trusted my mom and have able to continue life even people try to drag me down many times. One time I got ill and need a blood transfusion, I have to know the truth by the doctor, we are not the same blood with my parents and told me that the only potential person could be my real mom. They search her and donate her blood with me. I do not have any feelings for her and at the same time frustrated by my foster parents.

I had Finish College and went away. Castaway at Wembley and met a Wembley escort from https://charlotteaction.org/wembley-escorts/ that helps me in my journey. She taught me how to forgive and forget; she opens my heart again to trust. She inspires me every day with her story and gives positivity to my life. I am grateful to meet her and hoping for a future together.

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