Enjoying my life as a West Midland escort


Perhaps, we never knew our fate. We don’t know where life leads us. Sometimes we feel that we are unfortunate because of our situation in life and tend to complain now and then. I thought my life would remain for a lifetime. I almost lost my hope and started to accept my future. But it does not seem to happen, even I, surprised with my life right now. But they say we should never forget where we are before. We should always remember where we came from and kept looking back at it. Our worsts experiences in life made us realize that we are so keen to pass it by, that after all the storms we have been through, we are not carried away. I was happy because of that, maybe if I hadn’t experienced it before I was not right here where I stand now. I suffered a lot, cruelty, rejection, etc. All of the painful words, perhaps I heard many times. All the belittling’s and bringing me down, I also encountered. And that is life, a reality that when you are poor, everyone will turn their back on you. And it’s sad because everything you are going through you need to keep it by yourself. And better not to share it since you will get a judge. I also encounter not being respected, just because I am poor. And it’s a sad truth.


My family is just a regular citizen in New York; we reside here for almost twenty-eight years of my life. We lived to struggle every time. And it’s painful for me to see my family struggles. Maybe its hard for me because my parents are old enough, and I know they already experienced body pains. My siblings are too young and have not gone to school just like me. It’s sad because of their age they are in school now rather than helping us for a living. I dream that someday I could raise my family into something comfortable. Even though I did not finish my study, it doesn’t mean that I am not well-mannered and ignorant. I am a hard working person and respectful at all class. One time, while I was selling foods in the street, one woman had approached me and told me about West Midland escort from http://www.westmidlandescorts.com. I never doubted the work instead said yes already. I prepared my things and explained it to my family. To my mind, no matter what happened to me, I will gamble myself for my family. I flew to West Midland with the lady who had helped me. She is kind and generous. She went with me to the West Midland agency and introduced to beautiful ladies. I received a warm welcome from them. After my audition, I was hired immediately and undergo training. I also had sent financial to my family. I have enjoyed the work so much, meeting new people and got a fair wage, sometimes tip from clients. I worked hard and earned more money. I am Enjoying my life as a West Midland escort


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